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KTI is your resource for possibilities because its scope of business includes passenger transport, freight transport and infrastructure development covering the entire transport sector with respect to rail, road, inland water, and air transport modes issues such as traffic safety, environmental protection, energy consumption of transport and the application of intelligent technologies.

The KTI Institute for Transport Sciences Non-profit Limited Company is a priority public benefit company. Together with its predecessors KTI goes back more than 70 years into the past. The state-owned KTI is one of the research bases of the Ministry of National Developement.

KTI's partners come from both the public and private sector and are under the professional guidance of the State. KTI - with its total research activity - plays a significant role among transport research institutes in Hungary and within Europe as well. Its highly-qualified experts enjoy national and international acclaim, which is reflected by the successful projects of recent years and the extensive partnerships of the Institute.
KTI's mission is to create a continuously developing, safe and competitive transport environment in our country in the interest of maintaining a well-resourced environment, taking into consideration aspects of sustainability and compliance with EU directives for transport policy.
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